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Super B Tyre Repair Kit.


Five Piece Repair Kit.


The Super B tyre repair kit comes complete with all you need to safely repair punctured tires. Including a compact plastic carry pack it enables you to easily carry with you while you are out and about, preparing you for any situation. Couple the repair kit to our Giyo mini pump and you will never be stuck with a flat tire again.

Made in Taiwan

Bike tyre Repair Kit Bike tire Repair kit


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TB-1121 includes six round patches (20mm in diameter) and two durable tyre levers. Each kit is packaged in an innovative, crocodilehead-shaped plastic case with a instruction and a sandpaper for cleaning the tube. A tube bonds the patch to the tube at the molecular level. With one removable O ring to acheieve hanger function.

Bike tyre Repair Kit





  • Small compact packaging.
  • 6 patches.
  • 2 Tyre levers.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Glue.
  • Instructions.




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  • Locate and mark hole in Tube
  • Roughen area with sandpaper
  • Remove dust
  • Apply glue and spread over marked area
  • Let dry until no longer tacky
  • Take patch, pull off foil backing paper
  • Attach to marked are and press hard
  • Remove top covering and puncture is repaired



For further instructions on Puncture Repairs, please click on following link to go to wiki-how where there is an excellent step by step instruction article. How to fix a Flat Tyre.




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